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Gulped Down by VoreBeast

The work itself is beautiful. I believe you use an amazing art program too! :D The forest in the background gives the image a beautiful scent and feeling. I saw a few of your other works and they are all fantastic. I am not a wolf expert but I believe you weren't trying to be 100% realistic on the wolf anatomy. Maybe it could have a shinier nose like the fish (the big fish thingie) and more fur? And I am not sure that the mouth is THAT long (yes, I know that the woman has to fit). Otherwise I love the whole image! :D

and an idea- maybe just one.... not 'violent' and no one eating anyone (:XD:). Could you make a drawing of a woman (any hair color) on a black or white horse? =3 I think that would look beautiful with your style! :D
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VoreBeast Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you and yeah I use Daz Studio 4 to make my art. Its quite easy to use once you know how it work. It is actually not a just a normal wolf I used in the picture, he is called Fenrir and is more like a werewolf. He is like ten times bigger than a normal wolf, despite that I had to make him bigger in order for him to swallow her :D
The animals that I use in my pictures are not handmaid by me but I have bought them from Das Studios store, Fenrir did not come with any fur add on so I can not unfourtunetly ad any fur on him. I am quite limited in what I can change in my animals, sometimes I can change their eyes or skinn color a little but that depends on the materials I get when I buy the product.

Anyway I am glad that you like my work and yeah I can make a pic with a woman on a horse. I am mostly into vore pics as you see but I can make an exeption for request sometime if people want it. I do have some other request that I need to make first so it is probably going to take awhile before I get to it.
SweetStreamStables Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
is the program free? ^^ your art is seriously beautiful. It took me a whole YEAR to understand Photoshop CS5 Extended and now I got a new PS6 on my laptop... need to get to know that better...

OOOOH..... ok. (the wolf part). Interesting how the program has such amazing hair and textures but no fur! :XD:

and no problem abut the request. It's just that it would be interesting to see such an amazing artist like you creating a horse.... I am obsessed with them... you can check out my gallery for a few sucky pics of mine! :XD:
VoreBeast Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah the program is free and you can also get some other free stuff. The most things cost money but there are a lot of cheap things and they often have this sale out where they drop down the prices a lot. I bought a platinum membership there so I get a lot of things really cheap, some things that would normally cost 15-20$ just cost 2$ for me :)

wow I am really flattered that consider me an amazing artist, it means a lot for me :)
I guess everyone has their obsession, yours is horses mine is vore :D
But to be honest I do want to do other stuff also, when you make art you want to try different things and just doing pics of women being eaten get kind of repetitive :P
SweetStreamStables Dec 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks! and... XD
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